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Spring 2021 Tool Crate
Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate Spring 2021 Tool Crate

Spring 2021 Tool Crate

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Our Spring 2021 Tool Crate features really cool tools and a few accessories our members have been raving about! 

Knipex 10" Pliers Wrench

This pliers wrench combines many functions: It replaces an entire set of wrenches in metric and imperial sizes, can be adjusted very quickly and directly on the workpiece at the touch of a button, as well as handling all gripping widths up to 52 mm or 2 inches thanks to infinite adjustment. The smooth gripping jaws are parallel to each other and grip the workpiece without damaging edges or sensitive surfaces.

Knipex Cobra XS Mini Pliers

Great things can come in a small package! With a length of only 100 mm, these are the smallest fully functional set of water pump pliers in the world and, thanks to its compact design, ensures accessibility even in the tightest of spaces. A big hit according to our members feedback!

Squi.Jig 1 1/4" Custom Framing Jig

Love innovation! The guys at Squijig came knocking and wanted to feature their jigs in our Tool Crate. We loved it and got them to laser-etch our logo in each set they made for our members. Super versatile, these can really come in handy for stair gauges, stair layout, rafter layout, rip guide on your angle saw, angle guide on your speed square and more!

FLIR VP40 Voltage Detector

The FLIR VP40 is a high-quality non-contact AC voltage detector (NCV) and flashlight that offers high-end features. The reliable, durable detector includes a bright flashlight, a vibration feedback alarm, and a CAT IV safety rating. Use it to identify live and neutral wires in sockets and junction boxes, and to trace live and neutral wires without contact.

Holstery TapeMaster | Clip-On Tape Measure Holster

We love featuring cool tools and accessories from young entrepreneurs. Josh at Holstery - he's onto something here! It's the TapeMaster - one of the best tape measure belt clip holsters we know. Never lose your tape again. It's made from super tough Kydex and stainless steel. Saving one pair of pants at a time!

Bosch 4 pc Natural Stone Tile Bit Set

Bosch Natural Stone Tile Bits are designed for decorative specialty tiles that feature natural stone and other harder materials. The bits provide a multigrind head with multiple edges, that deliver 20 percent faster drilling in natural stone tile. Manufactured with high-quality carbide, these bits were constructed for natural stone tile, slate, granite and specialty tile.

Aluminum Bitmag Bit Holder

Everyone was raving about these Bitmag storage systems for your power driver or impact driver and so we featured them in our Tool Crate. This unique magnetic bit holder from Sweden was a nice little surprise for our members. This metal (aluminium) version of Bitmag is premium and offers the strongest in the world neodymium magnets.

Gripit Marxman Marking Tool

MarXman is a unique tool designed so that with one push it quickly, easily and clearly marks almost any surface. The perfect drilling companion for electrical, plumbing, building jobs and much more. Each pen contains 250+ bursts of removable fluorescent green pigment, and is capable of marking all surfaces including brick, metal, wood, pebbledash, porcelain and ceramic.

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