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Measure Up Bundle
Measure Up Bundle Measure Up Bundle Measure Up Bundle Measure Up Bundle Measure Up Bundle Measure Up Bundle Measure Up Bundle

Measure Up Bundle

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Measure up with the best of the best in this awesome bundle. You get awesome tools from Bosch, Crescent, Holstery, Unilite and Marxman. You're going to love having these tools on hand for your next project. 

Bosch GLM165-25G Laser Measure

This 165 Ft. green-beam laser measure is a fully-featured tool with an easy-to-read colour display, great accuracy and reinforced housing for durability. The Bosch BLAZE GLM165-25G uses green-beam technology, which generates lines up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. The laser has accuracy up to ±1/16 In., plus it includes a rounding button for easily rounding results and haptic feedback for loud job sites. The digital laser measure also offers an IP65 rating, and it has an ergonomic design for better grip. It includes 11 different measuring functions, including real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect functions, and addition/subtraction capability.

Crescent EX6 2-in-1 Extendable Layout Square

Crescent’s EX6 layout square delivers 2-in-1 capabilities, making woodworking and framing simpler. The EX6 eliminates the need to carry a 7-in and 12-in square and acts as a continuous edge for scribing and marking large-scale lumber. It features a quick access thumb lock that releases the fold-out extension and locks it back into place after use. Solid aluminium construction and corrosion-resistant finish for durability. The laser-etched markings make it super easy to see and the lightweight design is easy to store in your work pouch, tool belt or pocket. 

Holstery TapeMaster | Clip-On Tape Measure Holster

It's the TapeMaster - one of the best tape measure belt clip holsters we know. Never lose your tape again. It's made from super tough Kydex and stainless steel. Saving one pair of pants at a time! This holds on like a tiny, tape-measure eating pit bull. It's been battle-tested too. The PC-ABS construction has a tang at the bottom to wrap underneath belts up to 1.75" in width, so it stays in place whether you're crawling an attic, getting out of your truck, or chasing down a perp. Lifetime warranty too! 

Unilite MT8M3 Heavy Duty Tape Measure

Looking for a built tough tape measure? Look no further. This 8m tape measure features an ultra high-performance nylon coated SUPERBLADE with a 13ft stand-out. Magnetic triple-riveted stainless steel dual hook with 1kg suction. Dual colour double sided imperial & metric blade. The durable rear pocket clip – wont detach even if screw loosens. A powerful push lock secures the blade and the superior internal mechanism provides smooth operation. Built tough with an Impact-resistant TPR covered ABS casing.

Gripit Marxman Marking Tool

Marxman is a unique tool designed so that with one push it quickly, easily and clearly marks almost any surface. The perfect drilling companion for electrical, plumbing, building jobs and much more. Each pen contains 250+ bursts of removable fluorescent green pigment, and is capable of marking all surfaces including brick, metal, wood, pebbledash, porcelain and ceramic.

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