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Fall 2023 Tool Crate
Fall 2023 Tool Crate Fall 2023 Tool Crate Fall 2023 Tool Crate Fall 2023 Tool Crate Fall 2023 Tool Crate Fall 2023 Tool Crate Fall 2023 Tool Crate

Fall 2023 Tool Crate

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This box we launched in October 2023 features six impressive tools from brands you all love - Wiha, Wera and Knipex. We also partnered up with SOG again to bring in a couple of really cool multi-tools to add to your every day carry. Everyone is going nuts over these Spring Tools and so we managed to feature one of their best sellers in this Tool Crate! Let's check it out. 

Wiha 36pc GoBox Precision Micro Bit Set

The Wiha GoBox 36 Piece Precision Micro Bit set contains Slotted, Phillips, Hex, Torx, Pentalobe, Standoff, and Y-Type micro bits of various sizes. Wiha Tools micro bits are made of premium quality steel for strength and durability. Wiha bits feature exact-fit precision machined tips for reduced cam-out of fastener heads. This Wiha bit set comes with 3.9"/100mm PicoFinish Micro Bit handle with a finger control rotating cap for rapid rotation and an extra-long cap for optimal hand positions and smooth turning. The compact micro bit set is conveniently stored in a small metal case that fits in your pocket for easy portability.

Set Includes: Slotted 0.8, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0mm | Phillips #000, #00, #0, #1 | Hex 0.9, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 | Torx T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20 | Pentalobe PL1. PL2, PL4, PL5 | Standoff #00 | Y-Type #000 | PicoFinish micro bit handle 3.9"/100mm 


Whether you need to open a bottle, tighten a screw or nut, pry a staple out, cut fishing line, or touch up a blade on the go, the MacV Tool has what you need. It is a versatile everyday carry, keychain tool that will prove handy in many situations. Best of all, it’s already in your pocket. It has twelve basic components: pry bar, bottle opener, small flathead driver, large flathead driver, small Phillips driver, line cutter, blade sharpener, 1/4" wrench, 5/16" wrench, 3/8" wrench, 1/4" hex bit driver, and lanyard/keychain hole.

SOG Flash MT

A street-smart multi-tool that boasts everyday capabilities in a compact package. For those who value daily readiness, the versatile Flash MT provides an understated and highly functional solution. Its unique stainless-steel housing holds seven tools, and the plier head uses SOG’s trademark Compound Leverage. SOG’s team heaped special attention on the assisted opening CRYO D2 steel blade, making it more practical than most multi-tool knives. It’s a modern-styled multi-tool that’s a breeze to carry and use all day, every day.

Wera 6004 Joker XS Self-Setting Spanner

Wera has built a solid reputation with its high-quality, professional grade tools. This Wera 6004 Joker XS is small and compact but it sure comes in handy whether you're a plumber, electrician, carpenter or DIY homeowner. With its continuous and parallel jaws the Joker 6004 replaces several single spanner sizes. The required size is automatically and continuously set when attaching the tool to the hexagon bolt or screw. The integrated lever mechanism securely clamps the hexagon screw or bolt between the jaws, which significantly reduces the risk of slippage or damage. The ratchet feature ensures fast and consistent screwdriving without removing the tool. By using the corner-width rectangular prisms, a back-pivoting angle of only 30° can be achieved. The single-arm design, in conjunction with the ratchet feature and the corner-width prism, makes it possible to work even in confined spaces. The adjustable Joker 6004 is the universal screwdriving tool. Self-setting. Gripping. Spanning.

Knipex Cutix Universal Knife

When it comes to a high-quality utility knife, Knipex delivers! Features an innovative and variably extendable stabilization bar, giving you versatile, precise, and faster cutting. You can exert targeted pressure on the back of the blade without risk of injury or breaking the blade. Robust, durable magnesium housing: as light as plastic, strong as die-cast aluminum. Includes two spare blades in the handle drawer. It's 165mm long and weighs approximately 111g. 

Spring Tools CA198 3pc Woodworking Set

When you get these Spring Tools in your hand, you will wonder why you didn't get them earlier. This set is one of their best sellers and it's fantastic for driving nails into wood without a hammer. Perfect for tight spots and small finish nails - no more hitting your fingers with a hammer. You can effortlessly make pilot holes for starting large wood screws and center punch for drilling wood and steel. Striking force up to 3500 PSI. Made in the USA and guaranteed for life!

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