Tool Crate

Summer 2020 Tool Crate

We wanted to do something a little different this time around. The key was finding a good mix of big brands you all know and love combined with really cool tools we curated by consulting with industry experts. We were able to put together a very impressive Tool Crate that our members loved once again! 

The featured product in the Summer 2020 Tool Crate was the Unilite CRI-1250R. This light is a beast and we were so happy to bring it in from overseas for all our tool addicts! Unilite is making huge strides in the construction, industrial and automotive industry with everyone lickin' their chops over their innovative products that are built tough. Members were definitely giddy over this one! 

In addition to the Unilite, we were able to put together an outstanding lineup. 100% handmade in the USA, the Rogan Foreman is a military grade carbon steel, perfect for prying, digging, splitting and hammering! It's a thing of beauty. 

KeyBar's stonewashed aluminum key organizer is a must-have. Lightweight and durable, it's a cool tool you can customize just for you. We even threw in a pair of their MagNut's which are great for fast and easing mounting. 

Everyone loves Knipex and we were so pumped to feature their 10" Cobra Pliers in this Tool Crate. With 25 locking positions, you can't go wrong with these German-made pliers. The quality is unmatched! 

Whether you're a contractor, mechanic or DIY homeowner, the Gripty Flex-Mate is a game-changer! This multi-use flexible anti-slip tray is so versatile and will keep you organized on the job site or in your garage! 

Working in the trades, these Rite in the Rain All-Weather notepads will be your new best friend. Not only will these notepads survive a downpour, they will hold up to sweat, mud and grime. These notepads are all-weather tough! 

Our friends over at Surly Soap wanted to get in on the action and provided each member with a Surly Soap Mini. It's an industrial hand cleaner infused scrub pad. A small bar with a big attitude! Dirty hands, not anymore. 

Thanks so much to our partners for teaming up with us to deliver yet another amazing box of premium tools for our members!