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Summer 2022 Tool Crate
Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate Summer 2022 Tool Crate

Summer 2022 Tool Crate

$189.99 $279.99

You get an impressive haul of premium tools and awesome accessories in this Summer 2022 Tool Crate!

Wera 6004 Joker Self-Setting Spanner Large

When it comes to quality, you can't beat Wera and their impressive lineup of tools. These self-setting spanners are awesome. With its continuous and parallel jaws the Joker 6004 replaces several single spanner sizes. The required size is automatically and continuously set when attaching the tool to the hexagon bolt or screw. Definitely a must-have for any tool addict! 

Knipex 71 31 200 CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter

Knipex has built a solid reputation with their "Made in Germany" tools and this Bolt Cutter is one of our favs! The recess in the blade allows for easy cutting of thick wires, bolts, nails, screws, rivets and more. Exceptional cutting performance with minimum effort because of new lever action design. The cutting edges are made of chrome-vanadium high-performance steel.

Gator Magnetics 2.5" Gator Hooks - 2 Pack

You get two of their 2.5" Compact Open Hooks in this box. What is a Gator Hook? These magnetic hooks are perfect for the workshop, garage, shed, work vehicle or storage room - wherever you can hang em'. Each one can hold up to 25lbs. Hang your extension cords, tools, work bags...anything! ⁠

Vessel Ball Grip Carrying Bit Holder

Made in Japan, Vessel is known for their awesome "ball grip" design. Perfect for carrying 1/4" hex power bit accessories with a keychain ring. It can be used as an interchangeable stubby driver and you can easily attach and detach bits with one hand. ⁠You also receive a #2 Robertson Bit 2" to get you going! 

Gripty Silicone Divided Magnetic Parts Trays

Staying organized in the shop or at the job site is key and these magnetic parts trays from Gripty do just that! You receive 3 trays in this box. These are perfect for holding your small parts with 2 compartments in each tray. Must haves for mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC and more!

Stealthmounts Cleat 'n' Feet Mounting System - 4 Pack

This 4 pack of Cleat 'n' Feet from Stealthmounts are compatible with the super popular Milwaukee Packouts but they can be used for mounting anything you want. Get creative with it. These can really come in handy in your vehicle, the trailer, in your shop, or under your workbench. Just find a place and get organized! 

Stealthmounts Level Mounts - 2 Pack

Tired of losing your level or not being where it's supposed to be? We're here to help. When it comes to keeping your job site or work vehicle organized, no one does it better than our friends over at Stealthmounts. In this box, you receive a 2-pack of the new Level Mounts. So easy to install and they do exactly as they're supposed to. Easy in, easy out. 

Milwaukee 6-1/2" Circular Saw Framing Blade

Everyone wants a saw blade that cuts smooth like butter! This framing wood blade from Milwaukee is impressive. Cobalt infused tungsten carbide with anti-friction coating and laser cut technology. Time to go rip some lumber!

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