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Fall 2022 Tool Crate
Fall 2022 Tool Crate Fall 2022 Tool Crate Fall 2022 Tool Crate Fall 2022 Tool Crate Fall 2022 Tool Crate Fall 2022 Tool Crate Fall 2022 Tool Crate

Fall 2022 Tool Crate

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Our Fall 2022 Tool Crate has a little of everything - tools, accessories and PPE. Incredible value packed into a premium box of goodies made just for tool addicts like you. 

Joey Pouch | Clip-on Tool and Hardware Bag from Holstery

Lighten your load with the Joey Pouch from Holstery. Keep your essential tools and hardware close at hand and ready to go. Clip it where you want it - belts, pockets, or tool bags. You can close the top to keep dirt out and hardware in. The stiff rim keeps the pouch accessible and you can clip on knives/cutters making it super handy. It's modular, lightweight at only 4.4 ounces and made to last from 1000D Ballistic Nylon. 6 1/2 inches tall by 5" wide. It's perfect for the job site or when you're tackling projects around your home. 

Kapro 923 Professional Cast Aluminum Torpedo Level with Plumb Site® 10"

This level is well-suited for heavy-duty applications. It features break-proof epoxy locked acrylic vials based on Kapro’s unsurpassed accuracy and is equipped with the Plumb Site® Dual View which provides a direct view of the vertical vial without the need to twist or bend your neck for side viewing – making your work quicker and more accurate. The Kapro 923 is designed with a milled surface and include rare earth magnets and a V-Groove for easy placement on pipes and conduit. This level is certified by VPA Germany, features a vial accuracy of 0.0005 in/1in (0.5 mm/m), and is guaranteed for life. It contains 3 vials: 1 Plumb Sit® Dual View™ vial, 1 Epoxy locked horizontal vial, and 1 45° angle vial, all hand calibrated.

MYFAK First Aid Kit from MyMedic

Safety first! The majority of our members are hardworking trade professionals and life can be dangerous on the job site. We set out to find the best first-aid kit on the planet and partnered up with MyMedic to make it happen. This MYFAK first aid kit is next level, with a premium quality nylon bag for ultra durability and functionality. The tear-away pouch inside can be used as an additional mini first aid kit. It's a multi-use pack featuring tons of first aid and trauma supplies. You won't believe everything that comes in this kit. Perfect for everyday work and a must-have on any adventure you go on! 

Vessel Rechargeable Ball Grip Hi-Speed Screwdriver

Work smarter, not harder. This 220USB-S1U cordless rechargeable Ball Grip screwdriver from Vessel provides the high speed needed to get jobs completed faster. This is one of those must-have tools that you're going to love using. It features a forward/reverse switch and an LED illuminates the work area. 1200 RPM with a 3.6V lithium-ion battery. Weighs only 5.6 ounces. Interchangeable with 1/4inch Hex Power Bits or Double-Ended Bits. Power Driven up to 3.5 lbf-in (0.4N.m) torque, and Withstanding up to 88.5 lbf-in (10N.m) torque by Manual Driven. Includes +2 x 3.5" IMPACT Torsion Bit and 3 foot USB charging cable. Made in Japan, Vessel is known for their high-quality tools and awesome ball grip design. 

Stanley FATMAX® 35 ft Tape Measure

When it comes to a tape measure, you can't go wrong with the quality from Stanley. This STANLEY FATMAX® (33-735) tape fits your toolbelt, your hand, and the job. 14 ft. of reach and a durable high-impact case make this tape dependable on any job site. Protective full tape blade coating and added BladeArmor® at the hook extends the tape life against abrasion and heavy use. Large, easy-to-read numbers and standard stud markers assure accuracy with the STANLEY FATMAX Classic tape measure. 

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