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Electrical Bundle
Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle Electrical Bundle

Electrical Bundle

$119.99 $159.99

A perfect bundle for the life of an electrician. You get a set of pliers from WIHA, a voltage detector from FLIR, a precision screwdriver from Megapro Tools and a magnetic isolated bit holder from Crescent/Apex so you don't get shocked!

WIHA 9.5" Insulated Lineman's Pliers

Got to love a pair of heavy-duty pliers! Every single Wiha insulated tool is individually tested to 10,000 volts AC and rated to 1,000 volts AC (1,500 volts DC) for safety and peace of mind in energized applications. These premium quality Insulated SoftFinish Cushion Grip Pliers are designed and engineered by Wiha Germany.

FLIR VP40 Voltage Detector

The FLIR VP40 is a high-quality non-contact AC voltage detector (NCV) and flashlight that offers high-end features. The reliable, durable detector includes a bright flashlight, a vibration feedback alarm, and a CAT IV safety rating. Use it to identify live and neutral wires in sockets and junction boxes, and to trace live and neutral wires without contact.

CAT IV-1000 V | 45 - 65 Hz Frequency Range | 24-1000 V AC | 1.1" x 1.0" x 6.1" | 2 x AAA alkaline batteries

Megapro 24-in-1 Precision Screwdriver 

Our members were one of the first to get this brand new 24-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver from Megapro Tools. It's a one-of-a-kind solution to your precision needs. With 24 S2 steel bit tips stored within the handle’s patented Retractable Bit Cartridge; you’ll have easy access to a selection of precision tips in one simple tool. The Rubberized handle is comfortable to hold and the Palm-saver Cap™ reduces friction in your palm and facilitates one-handed use. This driver is a must-have for working on PCs, gaming consoles, laptops, cellphones, watches, eyeglasses, jewellery and more. 

6.27" x 1.08" x 1.08"

Hex 1.5 - 2.0mm | Hex 2.5 - 3.0mm | Pentalobe 2 - 5 | Phillips 1 - 000 | Phillips 2 - 00 | Flat 1.5 – 2.0 | Flat 2.5 – 3.0 | Spanner 2.6 – Triangle 2.3 | Torx 3 – Torx Pin 6 | Torx 4 – Torx Pin 8 | Torx 5 – Phillips 0 | Torx Pin 10-15

APEX EShok-Guard Bit Holder

A little something that can really come in handy! It's the eSHOK-GUARD™ Magnetic Isolated Bit Holder 1/4" x 3". Magnetic tip keeps fasteners securely in place and the 1/4" hex shank is compatible with impact drivers and drills. Isolation zone insulates all your standard bits, protecting you up to 1000V. Withstands heavy-use in impact applications. 

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